Being a Research Girl !


Saturday Morning. I slept in late. And when I woke up, the scenes in my mind’s eye was like the soft, beautiful sunshine at dawn. I drowned in them.

   The first thing I did was to tell my roomie that I saw a dream. Not any dream. I was working in ‘his’ lab. The Professor who had been my Obsession for six months now… Yeah, they tease me on this. Call it my Crush.

Could have been a teenage fancy. But sorry, I have left the golden age of adolescence behind me. Some advise me to keep away from him since I wouldn’t be able to concentrate and do any work of worth around him. Others ask me to wake up.

I have heard them all. But they are all wrong.

     I have always wanted to be a scientist. As far as I can remember. Long before I knew the word ‘research’! In fact, I can’t quite place the exact age such an idea flowered in me.

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Still my Winter


His eyes burned as he looked at Sue

Teeth clenched by feelings soft as dew

The same song played in the air for them to dance

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The Legacy of Leonard


“Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in. “

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Yearning to Be More

The great lights pass over the sky

Can’t merely eat, sleep, breeze by

I want to be more. More.

A golden grain brighter.

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