The Bakery Story

Something Beautiful from My Heart on this Special Day.

<<From the Diaries of Dawn>>

I was always fond of her. She was an ever-present thought in the back of my mind.

Simple. Little. Elegant. Sweet. Girl.

I have a thousand memories of her which she doesn’t share with me. I had known her before she saw me.

But once I told her this story…

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Strangers are Friends


I love strangers. In a good way. 🙂

The way a person totally unknown unravels their thoughts and lets you in on their soul is a beautiful thing. I wish I meet someone new every single new day. Continue reading “Strangers are Friends”

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I want to be like You

We have all had a favourite person at some turning point. And you remember the day they walked in through the door. This is my version…


The flame of a bond that moment

Did you feel? You opened the door

For me, never thought it would send

An invitation to a life I adore.


A girl with Brown stars in her eyes

Intrigue deepens her talk and you read Einstein’s quote

No special talents in me guys

I’m passionately curious, please note.

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The Girl in Red

This was from a beautiful post…

“One of the most striking things about the movie is that even though it was made in 1993, long after the advent of color in movies, Schindler’s List was filmed almost entirely in black and white. Steven Spielberg said that in his mind, a lifeless world is a world without color, and to him it was only natural to have a colorless representation of the Holocaust.

The black and white also set the stage for one of the most iconic movie scenes in film history: The Girl in Red. Continue reading “The Girl in Red”

Being a Research Girl !


Saturday Morning. I slept in late. And when I woke up, the scenes in my mind’s eye was like the soft, beautiful sunshine at dawn. I drowned in them.

   The first thing I did was to tell my roomie that I saw a dream. Not just any dream. I dreamt about working in ‘his’ lab. The Professor who had been my inspiration and obsession for six months now… Yeah, they tease me on this. Calling it my teenage fancy. As if…!

Sorry to disappoint you guys. I might look like one but I have left my adolescence, aka the golden age of confusion, behind me. Thank God.

The fact is – none of them understand. ‘Cause Science was not an accident or a last resort for me. Even though, I never knew how to go about on this career path.

     I have always wanted to be a scientist. As far as I can remember. Long before I knew the word ‘research’! In fact, I can’t quite place the exact age such an idea flowered in me.

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Still my Winter


His eyes burned as he looked at Sue

Teeth clenched by feelings soft as dew

The same song played in the air for them to dance

I remember, remembered everything, with that glance. Continue reading “Still my Winter”

The Legacy of Leonard


“Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in. “

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Yearning to Be More

The great lights pass over the sky

Can’t merely eat, sleep, breeze by

I want to be more. More.

A golden grain brighter.

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